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Нови K-pop песни

This week we also had the chance to enjoy new and pretty good k-pop songs from the scene in Korea.

We heard comeback of Park Bom with Sandara Park, as well as the comebacks of GWSN, MAMAMOO and EDEN.

The week hadn’t passed by without debuts as well. We watched the first official video of ARGON, first solo track of Yeri from Red Velvet, and the duo project Wooseok (Pentagon) and Kuanlin (ex. WannaOne).

See all new k-pop songs from the week below!

Park Bom feat. Sandara Park – Spring

Wooseok (Pentagon) & Kuanlin (WannaOne) – I’m A Star

MAMAMOO – gogobebe

Yeri (Red Velvet) – Dear Diary

GWSN – Pinky Star (RUN)

EDEN – Suffering for Love

ARGON – Master key

Lily – Bright day

The T-Bird – ROCK STAR

Ali & Paul Kim – For Less Than a Month

Ali – No Way

DreamNote – Hakuna matata

100% – Still Loving You

Loco – Nothing

Ahn Seunghoon – Thought of You


LIM Hyunjung – saudade

Jang Jane – EungbongGyo

Kim Yoon Hee – Rain Drop

12DAL – 무슨 봄이야 (What spring)

Verbal Jint – Hey VJ

Jaeil Jung – A Prayer

Goonight – When it all began

Airman – Child

JANNABI – for lovers who hesitate

Jeong Jia – Scene

Adios Audio – Make One’s Way

Joosuc feat. Reddy – Home

Brit – Can`t Forget

Achtung – Hold On

LiveYubin – Lie

Joe Aram – One’s Share

Kang Myung Bo – Lovely Memories

VSiiGN with JK Kim Dong Uk – ESCORT

OurR – Swing

415 – Take me there

Woo feat. GIRIBOY – Taste

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