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In February we revealed how “St. Valentine’s Day” is being celebrated in Japan and South Korea. However, the holidays relating to love in East Asia do not end with this one.

In the late 70’s of the last century, on 14 March, starts the celebration of “The White Day” in Japan (first named “Marshmallow Day”). Its creator is considered to be the confectionery company “Isimura Manseido”, as a response to “St. Valentine’s Day”. In other words, on this day men return the gesture and give presents such as marshmallow, white chocolate, flowers, jewelry and even underwear (of course, white) to the women, who have given them chocolate on 14th February.

As time passes “The White Day” (and its celebration on 14th March) becomes popular in the other Asian countries as well, especially in South Korea. It is interesting that in Taiwan “St. Valentine’s Day” is being celebrated as in the West – men give presents to their beloved ones, whereas during “The White Day”, their gentle halves return the gesture.

On the eve of the holiday this year, Chen from EXO started a personal account in YouTube, where he decided to present his fans with his own performance of “고백/Sorry” (the title of the song could also be translated as “Confession”) by Yang Da Il.
As a comment under the video Chen also wrote:

“Even though the lyrics carry a sad meaning, I thought, just as in the title of the song, why don’t you admit your true feelings! I hope you watch this in with a good mood and have a great day!”

Chen – “고백/Sorry (Confession)” by Yang Da Il

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