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K-pop songs

The first week of March brought a lot of good k-pop songs to listen. Among them, we can see the debut of Jus2 (GOT7), as well as the new Big Hit Entertainment group.

This week there were also comebacks by Key (SHINee), Sunmi, Ravi from VIXX, and much more, which you can see below.


Key feat. Soyeon of (G)I-DLE – I Wanna Be

Sunmi – Noir



Jang Dong Woo (INFINITE) – News

Jang Dong Woo (INFINITE) – Party Girl

10cm – Storage

10cm – however

So Jung (LADIES’ CODE) – Searching Me

R.Tee x Anda – What You Waiting For


SOMA – Betty

SOMA – Midnight in Paris

SOMA – Pale Blue

ultimadrap feat. HAKI – Stars In Your Eyes

Su Jin – Love And Anxiety


JISOOK (ex. Rainbow) – Big Dipper

HONG JINYOUNG – Love Tonight

Joe Aram – One’s Share

Shim Hyun Bo – Gather you up

Minsu – Minsu is confused

DALsooobin (Dal Shabet) – Katchup

S.I.S – Always Be Your Girl

youra – Dance

Kim Damso feat. seokman Cheon – Not being hated

$ammy – Sammy-Pro

HAEUN, YOSEP – Girlfriend

GGAMANG STEREO – Gently nested

Deepflow – 36 DANGERS

NUZ – Grassland

Kim MinSeok (Мelomance) – Spring Comes

ROCOBERRY & DOYOUNG – Don’t say goodbye

Prin – Loss Of Memory

Y?UH – Anywhere


JEONG SEWOON – Good night

CITY ALONE feat. YESEO – Crime Night

Leeds – Should’t have said that

Kim Yeon Ji – 10 years without you…

PICTIONS – Melt In Ocean

Midnight – Girl Group’s Flooded

eSNa – Spoon

D.A.N – Suicide Squad -1

Han Yo Han feat. GIRIBOY – Dance

N.P SOUND – Luv Song

Chawoo – SAD

Kim Na Young – Close I’ll be

Dong A – I want time to stop

MONSTA X – Shoot Out
(Japanese release)

New K-pop songs (25 February – 3 March)

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