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Butterfly Festival

Dear readers, my question to you today is – do you enjoy festivals? I personally like them and will show you one I would like to visit.

The Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival or Butterfly Beauty Festival is held from November to March. It is dedicated to the rare type of winter butterfly Euploea.


This is the time of the year, in which the purple-colored butterflies fly over the ocean to reach the picturesque national locality of Maolin, Taiwan. To escape the cold, millions of them fly to the foot of the Dawushan Mountain, where a magnificent view of Purple Butterflies Valley is revealed.

Of course, the festival offers not only the possibility to observe the beautiful phenomenon, but also a wide variety of events, including numerous locations.

Among the visitors’ choices are:
~ adventures with collection of stamps;
~ games with prizes;
~ theme restaurants;
~ picnic during a concert;
~ entertainment for kids;
~ shopping.

Personally, I’m very interested in the chance to participate in butterfly marking. The purpose is to protect the species of Euploea. A good way to explore the butterflies and their environment. Let’s keep something so beautiful for generations ahead.

Source: taiwan-the heart of Asia and theme.maolin-nsa

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