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K-pop group 14U is with 14 members again at last !

After the official withdrawal of Doyool this January, this week the group, which are the first idols at BG Entertainment, announced through SNS the arrival of new member.

The new boy is with stage name Gun (full name: Kwak Gun) and he’s also the new maknae as he was born in 2001. He himself promises to show a variety of new features and ask the fans to give him a lot of attention and love!

14U are a k-pop group, which debuted with 14 members in 2017 with the single “VVV”, followed by second single “Don’t be pretty” in January 2018. Their latest comeback on October 2018 with the 3rd single “Compass (N.E.W.S)” is their biggest success till now and attracted many more viewers and members of their fandom OnlyU. Check out the video for the song below!

Source: Fan cafe

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