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Carole & Tuesday

Today I’ll present you something new and fresh for anime lovers and not only, that awaits us in spring this year. I personally was intrigued by the story line of “Carole & Tuesday” and look forward to its beginning.

About the story in “Carole & Tuesday”:
It has been fifty years, since mankind began to migrate to the new frontier: Mars. An era, in which most cultures are manufactured by artificial intelligence and people are pleased to be passive consumers.

Our first character is a girl named Carole, who lives in Alba City metropolis. She works part-time, while trying to become a musician. She always feels like something is missing.

There is another girl named Tuesday, who was born in a wealthy family in the provincial town of Herschel. She dreams of becoming a musician, but no one around understands her. She feels like the most lonely person in the world.

A random meeting brings the two girls together. They decide that they want to make music. Both girls together can create a small wave, but this wave may eventually grow into something bigger…

The anime is directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and Motonobo Hori
Designers of the characters: Eisaku Kubonouchi and Tsunenari Saito
Music: Mocky
Opening song: Kiss Me – Nulbarich
Ending song: Hold Me Now – Benny Sings

Source: Anime’s official site

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