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Ямашита Томохиса

After he had released his new single, Yamashita Tomohisa surprises us again with new drama “In Hand”, which will be launched the spring of 2019. He will play the role of Hikomura Tetsu – a doctor, investigating parasitic infections. Good looking, rich and clever, but different with just one thing from the other people – his mechanized right hand.

Together with his assistant he will be unraveling various medical mysteries. Of course, around Dr. Hikomura has a mystery as well – something with his past. Obviously, there seems to be a hidden secret behind his right hand. What the secret is, we will find out in the episodes of the drama.

The drama is remake of the manga by Akato Ao and broadcasting will start in April, every Friday from 22:00 h, Japanese time.

Production director is Hirano Shunichi.
The broadcasting television will be TBS.
Genre: mystery, sci-fi
Episodes & Duration: 10 episodes x 54 min.

Source: TBS official site

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