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Our next meeting on the road takes us south to the small town of Taiping, Malaysia. Situated on a plain to the west of Bintang Mountain, Taiping is also known as the City of the First. This is no coincidence. Exactly here the first museum and newspaper was established in the country. We shouldn’t forget the first train in Malaysia, which traveled from Taiping on 1st June 1885. A place that definitely has something to offer for a pleasant journey through the unknown. Let’s be discoverers.

If you choose to visit Taiping for your trip, you must visit Lake Gardens, which is emblematic for the city. It’s literally built on the top of an abandoned tin mine. Opened for the first time in 1880, it is also the first public garden in the country. Set at 64 hectares, Lake Gardens offers its visitors a walk through 10 scenic lakes, a Lotus flower pool, tropical flowers and trees, as well as numerous small bridges that contribute to the charm of the garden. You can also find a jogging and reflexology trail, roller skating rink, and children’s playgrounds for the youngest.

Lake Gardens
Lake Gardens

Bukit Larut known as Maxwell Hill is a popular destination located about 10 km from the city of Taiping. At an altitude of 1,250 meters, it is ideal for jungle trekking and camping, as well as a place for rest and walk. Here is also the oldest station in Malaysia. For visitors are available cozy bungalows and rest houses. Another thing known about Bukit Larut is that here’s the only place in the country, where tulips are successfully grown and collected, namely Tulip Garden. A blossom of about 30,000 tulips can be observed by visitors in the period from December to the end of February.

Bukit Larut
Bukit Larut

The old clock tower in Taiping, located at the center of the city is another landmark, which deserves the attention of the visitors. After the repair of the watch, 10 years later it is working again, and the tower building is housed today by the Information Center of Taiping. In the 1980s, the police city station was housed here.

Clock tower of Taiping

Perak Museum is the oldest and first museum in Malaysia, founded in 1883. Originally, it was a repository for a collection of ethnological, anthropological and zoological items. Over time, it has changed from an old-style museum to the more modern one with attractions, divided into four galleries.

Natural Gallery:
This gallery is related to the natural history, with complete elephant and tiger skeletons located among others. The many stuffed animals, as well as their natural environment, contribute to the feeling of a real jungle.

Cultural Gallery:
Here you can touch some of the Malaysian crafts, especially the bamboo fabrics with their signature wedding dress patterns.

Gallery of local people:
This gallery describes the various ethnic groups of the Aborigines in Malaysia. Also examined are their physical characteristics and lifestyle, traditional clay pottery, utensils and masks.

Temporary Gallery:
It is used to rotate the invisible exhibits of the museum.

Perak Museum

Night Safari in Taiping Zoo. Yes, you saw it completely correct. This is an amazing experience that will meet you with a wide variety of animals in a natural environment, against the backdrop of light-like moonlight. Visitors of the night safari will discover even more – the magic of the night sounds and the life not only of the inhabitants of the animal world during the day, but also those who are active during the night.

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