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Thai cuisine

Dear readers, what is the first thing you would think, if you hear Thai cuisine? Perhaps: it is very spicy or I have no idea. Well, now is the moment to see what Thai food is, so let’s get started.

Thai cuisine is known for its combined balance of five different tastes: sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy. Also, besides the skillful mixing of these tastes, the hosts also use a wide variety of herbs and spices. Some of them help to soften the more sharp or spicy flavor of some dishes. In every part of the country you can taste local foods that are different for their regions. In our next meetings, we will pay attention to each region as well as to healthy food in the kitchen of Thailand, but now we will begin with the different types of rice, typical for the country.

Rice is a major food for the Thais and is eaten with most dishes, including desserts.

The most liked and the most expensive of them is jasmine rice (Khao hom mali) – long-grained rice with sweet aroma. When cooked, it is damp and soft as a texture and has a slightly sweet taste. It is used for preparing dishes such as grated chicken with celery and basil, Thai pork with chili sauce, duck curry and chicken with lemon and strawberry.

Khao hom mali – jasmine rice

Khao Suoy or (beautiful rice) is a sort of plain white rice, that can be eaten with any kind of appetizer.

Khao Suoy – beautiful rice

The next type of rice is Khao pad or (fried rice). It is prepared fried in combination with pork or chicken, spicy sauce or fish sauce. It is characteristic of the food that is made on the street.

Khao pad – fried rice

Khao Niaw or (sticky rice) is combined with Northeast influences such as a spicy salad with papaya and grilled chicken. It is a very important ingredient for the Thai dessert “Sticky Rice with Mango”. It can also be eaten with hands.

Khao Niaw – sticky rice

Source: Amazing Thailand

To be continued…

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