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The next stop of our trip will take us to Keelung, Taiwan. The town is located in the northern part of the island. Surrounded by three mountains and a large port of the fourth side, Keelung has its own bay, deep in the center of the city.

Our first landmark is historic, namely Fort Baimiweng (Castle Holland). Its location is in the northwestern part of the city on a hillside overlooking the beautiful ocean view. It is believed, that the fort dates back 300 years ago, during the Spanish and Dutch colonization. The place is also known as “The Weapon Ground of the Netherlands”.

Fort Baimiweng

Fort Ershawan is another historical landmark, located at the top of one of the hills of Dashwan Mountain. Remnants of the fortifications, once guarded the port of the city, are scattered over a large area, that includes replicas of the former arms arsenal. You can still see the authentic fortress gate of the fort, which has stayed preserved over the years. The place is suitable for walks, a meeting of the past with the present.

Fort Ershawan, a replica of the arms arsenal
the authentic harbor of Ford Ershawan

Our next destination is Zhongzheng Park, located on the west side of Dashwan Mountain. From there there is a wonderful view of the city and the harbor.

The park has three levels:

  • historic (first level);
  • the Buddhist Library, the Sanctuary of the Martyrs and the Zhuputan Temple (Second Level);
  • Guanhai Pavilion (third level).
Zhongzheng park

In the park you can find one of the greatest features of Keelung, namely the statue of the Goddess of Mercy. With its 25 meters, it is the largest statue of the goddess in Southeast Asia.

Goddess of Mercy

From Zhongzheng Park, we head to our next stop – the Chaojing Park.
The park has interesting history. In the past, this was a garbage collection site, but with the initiative of the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology is being restored and is now a wonderful place, especially popular during the holidays. The park also has a bicycle lane, a fountain and sculptures, and the only way to get there is to cross Ping-Long Bridge.

Chaojing park

For lovers of the seashore and romance, we offer a walk along Waimu Shan, the longest natural coast of Keelung. The open sea is an ideal place for lovers of swimming and beach fun. Facilities for snorkeling are available for visitors, as well as facilities for people who are afraid to swim or simply can’t. If you have the opportunity to meet the sunrise in this place, don’t miss this chance. You will be pleasantly fascinated.

Waimu Shan

Another place for lovers of romance and intimate conversation while enjoying the night landscapes is Keelung Harbor, which is located in the north between Cape Fugue and Cape Bitou.

Keelung Harbor

Our last stop will take us to the food market – Miaokou Keelung, located around the Dianji Temple. This is a place for culinary and food fans, as well as those who want to try something new or have the desire to satisfy their appetite after a long walk. Here you can find a wide variety of restaurants as well as more than 200 food stands. You will find a mix of varied delicacies and famous dishes such as soup, fried dough, meat soup, fried oysters, rice on rice, seafood, fried chicken, cold desserts and much more. And that’s not everything. After a nice meal, you can indulge in shopping. You can find stands with clothing and everyday items in nearby area.

Dianji Temple and Food Market Miaokou Keelung

And here, on the Miaokou food market, we will split up until our next meeting in search of the miracles of Asia.

Source: Taiwan – The Heart of Asia

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