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Yesterday Korean pop group SEVENTEEN released their sixth mini-album titled “YOU MADE MY DAWN”. The group didn’t disappoint us and presented a good sound and vision.

In the mini-album are included 6 songs, with the lead song “Home”, whose music video was also released on YouTube following the MV for “Getting Closer”, which was released in December 2018.

The album follows the concept of the previous one, titled “YOU MADE MY DAY”, but here the band show more strong presence. The members also participated in the song writing, showing authentic music and creating a solid album, presenting their growth and change.

The song “Home” presents the desire to feel good in the dark and have a wonderful day.


1. Good to Me
2. Home *TITLE
3. 포옹 (Hug) / VOCAL team
4. 칠리 (Chilli) / HIPHOP team
5. Shhh / PERFORMANCE team
6. 숨이 차 (Getting Closer)

Listen the whole mini-album on Spotify!

Watch both videos below!

Source: SEVENTEEN official site

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