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My desirable journey to the country of rising sun will begin from Wakkanai city. It is also the northernmost city of Japan. Close to the city is also the northernmost point of Cape Soya, which is an intersection of the two seas – sea of Japan and sea of Okhotsk. Interestingly, in clear weather can be seen the Sakhalin Island, once part of Japan.

Cape Soya

Without talking about numbers, I will show you the sights of this northern town. Places that are worth visiting, especially if you are a lover of calmness – away from the noise of big cities.

Part of the emblematic places of the town:

Cape Noshappu is located northeast of the city and is the easternmost point of Japan. Noshappu reveals a magnificent view of Rebun Island and Mount Rishiri on Rishiri Island, and in the immediate vicinity is the Noshappu Aquarium.

Cape Noshappu

Noshappu Aquarium was opened for the first time on 21 July 1968. There can be seen a great variety of over 100 species of marine life, typical of the cold North Sea. Including the “fish of illusion” Ito.

Noshappu Aquarium near to Cape Noshappo

Wakkanai Park is situated on a hill with a splendid view to the city. The park provides numerous attractions such as Hopo Museum, Shiniri Park and the iconic Hyosetsu No Mon (the gate of ice and snow). The monument was built in 1963, in memory of the people, who lived on Sakhalin during the pre-war period, when the island was still a territory of Japan.

Wakkanai Park with one of its emblematic symbols, Hyosetsu No Mon

Hokumon Shrine is located in the eastern part of Wakkanai Park and is famous with Reitaisai Festival, which is being conducted in the period from 4th to 6th July.

Hokumon Shrine

You can also enjoy the new Shinongji Shrine, which is located between Wakkanai Station and Minami Station. If you are a bird lover, the exact place for you is Onuma bird house. The place provides free binoculars and telescopes to monitor the diversity of waterfowl, including swans.

And my last suggestion, but not less important than other places, is Fukuko Ichiba. The market offers a variety of seafood, as well as small souvenir stands.

market Fukuko Ichiba

My first trip ends here, but it will not be the last one. In our next meeting we will see more unfamiliar places, not only from Japan, but from all over East Asia.

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